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Library Information for Summer Term 2020

Campuses are open Mondays-Thursdays for material drop off. Fridays and Saturdays through August 2020 will be “virtual days.” During virtual Fridays and Saturdays, there will be no access to campus facilities and all services and courses will be conducted virtually.

Gateway staff can find library services information here.

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If the button below says "Chat with Library Staff", that means our chat service is online. If the button says "Submit a Question", chat service is offline and you can submit a question that library staff will answer within 24 business hours.

Anti-racism Justice Equity Inclusion

To explore resources related to Anti-Racism, Justice, Equity, and Inclusion including books, videos, as well as everything you need to participate in the anti-racism bookclub, click the image below.undefined

Library Relaxation Station

Need some stress relief? Check out our guide full of games, yoga and plenty of cute puppies and kittens to watch!

Access Free Resources

Many publishers are allowing free access to their online resources for faculty and students while campuses are shut down. Create an account and enjoy free access for a limited time.

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