2020 Marketing Projections: What You Need To Know Now To Be Competitive

To succeed this year, use these 2020 Marketing Projections.

These forecasts are based on the major 2019 disruptions to the marketing playing field.

3 key factors changed marketing in 2019:

  • Seismic Marketing Shift resulting from the convergence of voice-first, marketing AI and content saturation.
  • RIP Customer Journey for both consumer and business purchasing reflecting the change in customer behavior.
  • Uncertain Global Economic Environment causing businesses to reduce investment and look for internal efficiencies.

Together the marketing implications of these changes lay the foundation for your 2020 plans and beyond.

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5 Core Content Types You Need To Support Your Marketing

The 5 Core Content Types are at the heart of a balanced content marketing offering.

This includes all of the content, information and data across your business.

It enhances your product and/or service offering by adding what Harvard Business professor Theodore Levitt called “intangibles.”

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Seismic Shift Marketing: What You Need To Do Now

Seismic Shift MarketingWill your marketing continue to break through and get found by your target audience?

Probably not!

Because we’re in the midst of a seismic marketing shift.

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Thanksgiving: The Most Awesome Holiday Content Marketing Campaign You Need To See

Holiday Content Marketing CampaignDid you know that Thanksgiving as celebrated today resulted from one of the most awesome holiday content marketing campaigns ever?

Despite what you learned in elementary school, the first harvest feast between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans in 1621 lacked turkey and pumpkin pie! Continue reading

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The New B2B Purchase Process: What You Need To Know Now [Research]

New B2B Purchase ProcessDoes your marketing support the full B2B Purchase Process? 

Or, does most of your budget focus only on raising awareness and attracting leads?

Or, do you lose control of prospects once Sales gets involved?

Regardless of how you answered these questions, you’re not alone. Continue reading

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Blogging Media: How To Make Your Marketing Succeed [Research]

Blogging Media: How To Make Your Marketing SucceedIs blogging media part of your overall marketing strategy?

Or do you think blogs are “old school”?

Does your blog exist on content scraps that some senior executive once wanted?

Let’s face reality:
Once the darling of digital marketing, blogging media has lost its sex appeal!

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How To Build Share of Audience Attention To Improve Your Marketing Results

Share of Audience Attention or SOAAHave your content marketing, communications and social media results eroded?

Do you spend more on these marketing tactics than you did last year?

With seismic marketing shift, more and more marketers face this double whammy.

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How To Use Consistent Content To Attract Attention And Hook Your Audience

How To Use Consistent Content To Attract AttentionDo you provide regular servings of consistent content? 

Think: Meal kits like Blue Apron for content.

Like meal kits that do the shopping and chopping, this content saves you creation time.

Why? Continue reading

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