We are disaster restoration specialists with over 55 years of experience in the Insurance Recovery Industry. Global has emerged as the leader in the Tri-State Area, dealing with commercial and residential catastrophes and/or disasters.


A fire at your property is a tragic event. Smoke and fire not only damage or destroy your possessions, but also drastically change your property’s appearance and function. Fire restoration is the act of minimizing your damages immediately after the fire without causing additional unintended damages.This is a requirement under your policy. We will customize a plan that takes care of all your restoration needs so that you can resume your life quickly with minimal disruption.

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Is a multi step process that involves identifying the types of mold your property has been infected with and how they can best be removed. Global will find the sources of moisture that contributed to the buildup of the mold. Mold remediation is a pointless task if the initial causes are not dealt with. Certified hygienists will perform both air and surface samples for analysis at our lab. Mold remediation can be dangerous work. Let our experienced group of professionals manage your remediation before it progresses into severe harmful fungi.

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Can be caused by a fire, flood, rain, snow or the accidental discharge, leakage or overflow of water from plumbing systems, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Using state of the art drying equipment our team of certified technicians will assess and restore your property after such a devastating occurrence. This will insure no further damages or the possibility of mold growth will occur.

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A windstorm is a wind strong enough to damage your house or property. Tornadoes, hurricanes and straight-line winds are examples of windstorms. Damage results anywhere from toppling trees to collapsed structures. Remediation is often needed to protect yourself and your property from dangers including wind tearing off your roof or flinging loose objects through your windows.

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