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The Sprinkler Reporting & Back Flow Testing Group
65 Clinton Street
Malden, MA 02148

Tel:   1-781-399-4843

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Office Hours:
Mon-Fri  8am to 5pm



With over 42 years of experience and with an outstanding reputation for quality and professionalism, The Sprinkler Reporting & Back Flow Testing Group is the right company to complete all your residential or commercial fire protection needs, including all testing and reporting requirements. Our goal has been to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client. We are committed to completing each service or project on schedule and within budget while maintaining an unsurpassed level of quality and customer service.

At The Sprinkler Reporting & Back Flow Testing Group, we pride ourselves on being able to provide nearly any type of fire protection service you may need.


Specializing in Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Sprinkler
and Fire Pump Testing and Reporting, including
comprehensive Backflow Testing.


We also Service, Repair, Inspect and Install Any and All Fire Sprinkler Systems on the Market.


Our knowledge, experience, and ability to provide all your fire protection needs and the ability to provide quality craftsmanship is second to none. We are experts in fire protection, sprinkler system design and installations, fire pump testing, sprinkler system testing, testing and reporting, service repairs and more.


We are proud to serve all of eastern Massachusetts.


VIDEO:  Benefits of An Automatic Fire
Suppression System


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